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God of Manga

Osamu Tezuka, also know as God of Manga, the greatest manga artist ever, but best remembered as the creator of Tetsuwan Atom (Mighty Atom; or Astroboy in USA) and his serious contribution to the manga and anime industry. Among them, the Black Jack manga series, for which he used his knowledge as a physician to give life to a surgeon performing illegal operations; Jangaru Taitei (Jungle Emperor; or Kimba The White Lion in the USA, later plagiarized by Disney into The Lion King); or Metropolis, based on the renowned 1927 film by Fritz Lang. Even Stanley Kubrick wanted him as art director in his 2001: A Space Odyssey.

While his real Japanese name was 手塚治, Osamu Tezuka used the name 手塚治虫. While both are pronounced exactly the same, 虫 (mushi) means insect/bug in Japanese, and Tezuka was very interested in entomology. He decided to add 虫 to his name when he knew about an insect called Osamushi. He later named his first production studio Mushi Productions.

You might not know, but Tezuka is a descendant of Hattori Hanzo, the famous ninja and samurai (character appearing in Tarantino's Kill Bill movie).

Enjoy this gem, the experimental Jumping, as an example of Tezuka's contribution to anime:

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